CASE STUDIES: Water, Wastewater, Fuel, Oil, Chemicals, Food, Beverage, Primaries

# 1. WATER (click to open) CASE STUDIES
1.1 REMOTE STREAM MONITORING Fielded stations for remote level monitoring of streams in the green Galilee region feeding the Jordan valley.
1.2 MONOSCAN & the MONSOON MonoScan is the basis for a remote monitoring and alert solution against flood conditions in India.
1.3 MODBUS NETWORK for HOSPITAL WATER TREATMENT A network of SmartScan50's monitors water treatment tanks in an Italian hospital.
1.4 LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF RIVERS & WELLS A cost-effective compact solution utilizing MonoScan in level measurement of rivers and wells.
1.5 WATCHING OVER HIGH TIDE A reliable accurate solution for monitoring sea water level in New Zealand's bay reserves.
1.6 STEADY MONITORING OF POTABLE WATER MonoScan provides Taiwan Water Supply a solution for measuring water level in tanks.
1.7 CONTROLLING WATER LEVEL OF A RIVER DAM SmartScan25 - efficient solution for controlling water level of Wardha river.
1.8 FLOOD ALERTS IN INDIANA SmartScan50 combined with wireless communications alerts for river overflows.
1.9 PREVENTING RAIN WATER FLOODING SmartScan50 prevents rain water flooding in a costal city.
# 2. WASTEWATER (click to open) CASE STUDIES
2.1 REMOTE WASTEWATER MONITORING SOLUTION SmartScan50 - noncontact, maintenance free solution for monitoring in wastewater plants.
2.2 KEEPING THE RIGHT LEVEL SmartScan25 - accurate long range ultrasonic level measurement in a wastewater plant.
2.3 WIRELESS MONITORING OF SEWER LEVELS GaugerGSM and GaugerNET - COMPLETE solution for remote level monitoring in sewers.
2.4 WIRELESS MONITORING OF UNDERGROUND SEWERS GaugerGSM, a wireless level sensor for sewer metering and overflow alerts.
2.5 LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF WASTEWATER IN SEWERS Prevention of wastewater overflow in sewers is simple with MonoScan.
2.6 PREVENTING WASTE WATER SPILL-OVER SmartScan50 provides an ultrasonic solution for effective sewer management in various locations.
2.7 EFFECTIVE MONITORING OF SEWAGE FLOW SmartScan50 - an effective solution for flow measurement of sewage water in Poland.
2.8 ACCURATE MANAGEMENT OF WASTEWATER FLOW SmartScan50 - accurate solution for flow measurement of wastewater in nation-wide plants.
2.9 KEEPING IT CLEAN... WATCH OVER WASTEWATER SmartScan50 measures level in a large wastewater industrial facility.
# 3. FUEL & OIL (click to open) CASE STUDIES
3.1A MONITORING DIESEL TANKS - LEVEL/VOLUME/LOCATION GaugerGSM /GaugerGPS /GaugerNET - COMPLETE solution for remote monitoring of fixed/mobile diesel tanks.
3.1B MONITORING AND TRACKING DIESEL TANKERS GaugerGPS and GaugerNET - A COMPLETE solution for remote monitoring of Diesel tankers.
3.2 MONITORING LEVEL OF FUEL AND DIESEL OIL SmartScan50 - reliable measurement of fuel and diesel oil.
3.3 CONTROLLING STORAGE LEVEL OF OIL TANKS SmartScan25 - reliable solution for level measurement of stored oil in Taiwan.
3.4 MEASURING LEVEL OF CRUDE OIL MonoScan - economical solution for measuring level of crude oil in an oil field.
3.5 PREVENTIVE OIL IN A STEEL MILL Three SmartScan50 provide continuous level measurement of rust preventive oil & HCL.
3.6 DON'T STEAL OUR FUEL! Sophisticated fuel tank monitoring soloution for remote electrical Generators.
3.7 HELPING TRANSFORM WASTE TO BIOFUEL SmartScan50 measures process of recycling waste oil into bio-fuel.
# 4. CHEMICALS (click to open) CASE STUDIES
4.1 MEASURING LEVEL OF CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS MonoScan - measuring level of chemical solutions in KunMing Chemical company.
4.2 CONTROLLING LEVEL OF TOXIC LIQUIDS SmartScan50 - a durable solution for level controlling of toxic liquids
4.3 MAINTAINING LEVEL OF ACIDULANTS SmartScan25 - Level measurement of acidic liquids in Gadot Biochemical factory.
4.4 LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF FERRIC CHLORIDE MonoScan level measurement of Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) solution.
4.5 ULTRASONIC LEVEL SENSOR - REDUCES COSTS SmartScan25 - accurate and constant level measurement at Hopax Chemicals plant, Taiwan.
4.6 IMPROVING STEEL PRODUCTION PROCESSES SmartScan50 - improves efficiency of steel manufacturing in Gujarat India.
4.7 MICROSCAN IN SULFURIC ACID MicroScan - level measurement in a Luxembourg Industries' Sulfuric acid tank.
4.8 LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF INK & SILICON MonoScan - continuous level indication of ink & silicon mixture in process machinery.
4.9 MONITORING DMA LEVEL MonoScan - monitors level of DMA (Dimethylamine).
# 5. FOOD / BEVERAGE (click to open) CASE STUDIES
5.1 STOCK MANAGEMENT OF ANIMAL FEED MonoScan installed in a large feed mill plant for tracking of animal feed.
5.2 MONITORING ANIMAL FOOD SILO Gauger system is installed on a silo for monitoring level of animal food.
5.3 MONITORING LEVEL OF WINE VATS MonoScan is monitoring the wine level in over 60 wine tanks.
5.4 KEEPING IT GREEN - USED FOOD OIL SmartScan50 - level measurement of recycled food oil used for poultry feed.
5.5 CONTROLLING FOOD ADDITIVES LEVEL IN PROCESS SmartScan50 - level measurement of food additives during production.
5.6 IMPROVED MONITORING OF CITRIC ACID LEVEL MonoScan - level monitoring of citric acid processing for a provider of food additives.
5.7 OH HONEY! WHAT AN ULTRASONIC DEVICE CAN DO… MonoScan - 24/7 level monitoring of liquid honey.
5.8 IMPROVED WHEAT GRAINS STORAGE SmartScan25 - improves wheat grains storage management, saves costs and material loss.
5.9 EFFICIENT MONITORING OF GLUCOSE LEVEL MonoScan - efficient monitoring of glucose level for a leading jam manufacturer.
# 6. PRIMARIES (click to open) CASE STUDIES
6.1 CONTROLLING LEVELS OF IRON SOLUTION SmartScan25 - solution for controlling levels of iron solution in Kirandul, India.
6.2 MEASURING CEMENT MIXTURES MonoScan - solution for monitoring levels of cement mixtures in 6 meters (19.7 ft.) silos.
6.3 EFFICIENT DETECTION OF PVC WASTEWATER LEVEL MonoScan - solution to measure and control PVC wastewater level in FPC, Taiwan.
6.4 WATCHING OVER PLATINUM PONDS SmartScan50 - solution for measuring volume of platinum waste water at Platinum refinery.
6.5 MEASURING THICKNESS LEVEL OF PULP MIXTURES SmartScan50 - solution for level measurement of wood pulp thickness at paper mill in Finland.
6.6 MEASURING LEVEL OF MODIFIED ASPHALT SmartScan50 - solution for level measurement of modified asphalt at Shell oil & gas farm.
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