1 SEWERS Remote level monitoring in underground sewers. Periodic level reports and alerts. Sensor sealed to IP68 and available for explosive atmosphere. Web-based software monitoring application.
2 FLOODS Flood alerts and remote level monitoring of water. Suitable for installation in remote sites and may powered by battery pack or solar panel. GPRS over GSM wireless communications.
3 DIESEL Remote level and volume monitoring of Diesel tanks. A solution fit for above-ground stationary diesel tanks. Size: 300 liter to 10000 liter. Alerts for filling process and sudden drop in level.
4 Inventory Tracking & Delivery Managing Diesel assets with a remote level monitoring solution. Solution includes an ultrasonic level sensor for the tank and web base monitoring software application.
5 OPEN CHANNEL FLOW Flow measurement in open channels (OCF). Supporting flumes, weirs and Manning flow. Outputs include integrated display, analog 4-20mA, digital RS485, wireless GSM and more.
6 SILO FARMS Measuring grains and poultry foods. The solution may be applied in remote silo farms for managing inventory assets.
7 M2M / SCADA Remote level monitoring and Telemtry solution for a variety of applications.
8 HEAVY INDUSTRY Solutions for heavy industries.
9 WEB BASED TELEMETRY Web-based monitoring application for level, volume and temperature.
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