Gauger485 is a level sensor solution for applications interfacing external devices such as a radio modem, GPS receiver, multiple relay controller, WiFi converter, computing devices and many more. Gauger485 level sensors can also communicate with each other or with GaugerGSM for applications such as differential level measurement or adjacent multiple tank level measurements.

The use of serial character-based output is simple, reliable and more accurate than 4-20 analog interface. When viewed directly on a PC or laptop, no custom software is required. Data may be viewed by standard hyper-terminal applications.


  • Continuous ultrasonic level meter for liquids and solids featuring digital RS485 input/output.
  • Reporting distance, level, volume, open-channel-flow, totalization and temperature.
  • Optional graphic display, keypad, sunshade and split sensor.
  • USB port for configuration, monitoring and upgrade.
  • Range up to 8m (26') for liquids(1) and 5m (16') for solids.

  • Non-contact, ultrasonic technology, no moving parts for long-life and minimal maintenance.
  • PVDF sensor, superior in presence of aggressive chemicals.
  • Plastic PC/ABS+UV, blending roughness and rigidity.
  • Rated IP68 (tested in 1.8m deep tank for 96 hour), withstanding rain/dust/snow.
  • Operating temperature: -30° to +70°C (-22° to 158°F).


  • Flexible digital interface for external devices such as relay controller or wifi converter.
  • Short "dead-zone" of 15 cm (6").
  • High process tracking rate of 10m/min (32'/min).
  • No field calibration and minimal maintenance needs.
  • Two operating hours counters for tracking utilization.
  • A friendly wizard-based setup or USB PC-based cloning.
  • Advanced algorithms combating against: Noises, temperature variations, unstable targets, gases
  • Temperature compensation for 2 temperature sensors.


  • Petrochemical, chemical, food, agriculture industries, water and wastewater infrastructure projects.
  • Level measurement of liquids, solids such as grains and Open Channel Flow (OCF).
  • Storage vessels, process tanks and outdoor piles.
  • Integrate with an external, multiple-relay controller for controlling pumps and actuators
  • Integrate with an external communication device such as radio modem, satellite transceiver, wifi converter and similar devices for extended and wireless communication capabilities.
  • Interface two or more sensors at multiple sites to unify, compare or differentiate measurements.

  • Tailored branded labeling OEM models are available to commercial partners.
  • Part kits, modules and custom firmware version are available.