Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT) offers level sensors and remote monitoring solutions for level, volume and open channel flow. SolidAT level sensors are non-contact and implement ultrasonic technology. Remote monitoring is based on GPRS cellular communications and a web-based monitoring application. Ultrasonic sensor technology is the best choice for challenging targets such as sewage, corrosive chemicals, flowing fluids and rivers. SolidAT is leading the market for remote monitoring of sewer levels, monitoring of diesel tanks and river level monitoring with flood alerts.

SolidAT handles the development, engineering, production, marketing, sales and support of its level sensors and for remote monitoring solutions. SolidAT plant is internationally certified by ISO 9001:2000, ATEX and IECEx for production of systems certified for explosive atmospheres. SolidAT level sensors span a wide measurement range from 0.15m to 40m (6" - 130'). Level sensors provide 4-20mA, HART or Modbus. Sensors are loop powered or 4-wire systems supporting up to five relays for pump control.


Gauger systems are state-of-the-art, compact level sensors, rugged and fitting a wide range of applications. GaugerGSM stands out as a level sensor for remote monitoring applications featuring GSM (GPRS/SMS) cellular communications. Gauger420 is two-wire level sensor for industrial application with rapid process tracking rate, sealing rated IP68 and PVDF sensor for use with aggressive chemicals. Gauger420 supports 4-20mA and optional HART. Both Gauger models are available Intrinsic Safe ATEX / IECEx.


SmartScan sensors are two-part systems with a sensor unit cabled to control/display unit. SmartScan systems feature five relays for local control. Cable can be stretched up to 200 meters. These systems support 4-20 output and are available with ModBus protocol(optional). SmartScan50 is optimal for use in pump/s control applications. SmartScan25 is a long-range sensor for applications up to 40 meters (130'). SmartScan25 is also the optimal solution for large silos containing solids / bulk such as grains.


Sewer level monitoring solution is based GaugerGSM level sensor and GaugerNET, a web-based monitoring application. The fielded component includes a sensor, external battery pack and programmable timer switch. The complete set may be provided Intrinsic Safe (ATEX and IECEx). This solution is perfect for detecting overflow conditions, quantifying sewer flows, identifying long-term sewage trends and meeting regulatory requirements.


Diesel tank monitoring solution for remotely located, above-ground, Diesel tanks sizes 300 to 15,000 Liters (80-4000 Gal). Solution consists of a tank level sensor and web-based monitoring application. Sensors transmit data from each site including level, volume, temperature, power supply, cellular signal strength and equipment status. This solution is perfect for Diesel inventory management and control including reports for refill and sudden level drops.


Solutions for monitoring level in flowing rivers, irrigation channels, water reservoirs and water tanks. Applications span ranges as small as 40cm (1') and all the way up to 40m (130') typical for dam installations. Level sensors can be set to calculate open channel flow or report flooding and dry-out conditions. Sensors are non-contact and based on ultrasonic technology, the technology of choice for water applications whether smooth surface or wavy and turbulent.

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